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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Same Old Same Old, Different New Year …

As with New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get some exercise, and/or at least try to cut back on both intoxicants as well as illicit recreational substances, Quincy Quarry can only responsibly suggest that hopes for a brighter New Year should be put out with Christmas trees for collection with the trash.


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For an example on the sports front, while the Boston Celtics and especially the Boston Bruins have been off to good starts as the former approaches the midpoint in its season and the latter has just past the halfway through what is arguably the toughest regular season grind in professional sports, the likelihood of the New England Patriots yet again making it deep into the playoffs looks to be a mixed bag.

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Granted, the New England Patriots yet again won their division and so set a record for the most consecutive divisional championships.

At the same time, however, the Patriots got the yips at home in their last game of the regular season and so lost the chance to secure a bye in the playoffs to enjoy a week off to mend when the chum that is the Miami Dolphins put the Pats to sleep with the fishes on Sunday past.

As such, the banged-up, aged and thus surely also tired Patriots are now instead looking at having to play the up and coming coming up to Foxboro Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card round this weekend.

Darth Belichick
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Granted, while one can only assume that Bill Belichick will come up with a great game plan(s) for the playoffs as usual; the Patriots are banged up on top of being a lesser team than last year’s Super Bowl LII champions.

And even if the Patriots can beat the Titans, next up the following weekend the Patriots would be facing the Kansas City Chiefs on the road in Kansas City and who earlier this season decisively beat the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

A grim reaper?
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Further problematic, even if the Patriots can manage to scalp the Chiefs on their home turf, they would then most probably have to face the current odds on favorites to win at least the American League Conference Championship Baltimore Ravens and who convincingly inflicted the Patriots’ first loss of the season.

Additionally, Father Time has undercut Tom Brady’s skills from his previous ability to carry a team on his back if need be to merely but elite even if Quincy Quarry is a fervent believer that old age and treachery can overcome youth and skill.

The end of a great run?
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Moreover, going four for four against opposition look unlikely. 

The likely gauntlet includes two teams that have beaten the Patriots this season and a likely third that is the National Conference’s top seed and which lost a close game on the road against the AFC #1 seed Ravens, thumped the NFC’s #2 seed Green Bay Packers, beat both #3 seed New Orleans Saints and #6 seed Seattle Seahawks on the road in two of the toughest places for a visiting team to play as well as decidedly beat the Chiefs in preseason play.

Business as usual …
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In any event, for some likely needed comic relief, on Monday January 6 at 10 AM, Quincy’s peerless mayor will be sworn in for a record-setting sixth term. 

That and followed by the usual catered reception for made Kochsters and coat holders.

As such,do not bother planning on playing your firt quarter property tax bill in person in City Hall on Monday unless one enjoys waiting in line.

In any event, in addition to the usual bovine byproduct, one can only reasonably that Quiny’s so far indicted grifter will surely be concurrently presenting his latest plans to burn even more tax dollars to further his previous grifts to make connected wealthy developers even wealthier.

Going once, going twice, gone for fours year …
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That and implementing his likely tacit plans to see the City of Quincy become a transitional halfway house facilitator of a sort for a federal convict scheduled to be released later this year after an extended stay at a Club Fed.

After all, omertà comes at a price.

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