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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Same Old Same Old, Different Week.

With winter holiday family gatherings and office parties hitting the fan across the length and breadth of the United States, politicians both nationally and locally are relying on same as cover so as to continue to endeavor to slip it to the people.and worse.

A pox on both sides of the aisle
Image via USA Today

On the national level, save for pretty much but one member of the House of Representatives, the woefully inexcusable bad political kabuki continues in Washington DC.

To wit, not to be confused with half wits, the Democratic Party-controlled House of Representatives moved forward with a partisan vote charges of impeachment against of President Donald Trump even if the charges are not expected to go anywhere when they are tried in the Republican Party-controlled Senate.

Why is this man smiling?
Image via AOL

And in the meanwhile, impeachment vote or not, a recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll found President Donald Trump leading in head-to-head polling against each of the current slate of the leading Democratic challengers by margins outside of the margin error save for a but three percent lead opposite Joe Biden.

Even so, former Vice President Joe Biden just opened up his Massachusetts campaign office in Quincy right across the MBTA tracks from Quincy’s City Hall.

Pander Bear pandering
Image via Twitter

No word, however, if Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch was invited to the office’s opening.

Regardless, Biden holds higher ground on Presidents’ Hill than does Koch in low lying Quincy Square.

And speaking of lying, La Kocha Nostra’s consigliere was taken to task, if not also dope slapped, over what looks to be an arguable holiday grift of a three million dollar net gift to family friends of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch on a proposed land purchase of land that should already belong to the City of Quincy at no cost.

A City on the move, constipated – whatever …
A Quincy Quarry New file photo

Granted, the Koch Machine prevailed at Monday’s final City Council meeting of this calendar year; however, more hearings are upcoming to endeavor to see that things are both properly stymied as well as duly exposéd and so mitigate yet another picking of local taxpayers’ pockets by the Koch Maladministration.

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