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– News about Quincy from Quincy Quarry News with commentary added  

Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Rain, snow, rain and yet another soaking of taxpayers.

While most locals have been focused on the recent extreme swings in the weather, the Koch Machine has continued to do all that it can to both take care of locally connected moneyed interests and enable Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s latest edifice complex.

Drink the Koch Aid
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In this latest instance, the recently announced as well as also arguable twofer grift of taxpayers fomented by the Koch Machine is to see the MBTA takeover the white elephant that is the now former Lowe’s home improvement center venue near the Quincy Adam MBTA station for use by the T as a bus maintenance and parking facility in the wake of a spate of rumors all manner of other possible tenants which did not pan out for whatever reasons.


The one fingered salute!
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So what, however, that abutters are already raising high dungeon over a plan that would stick them with diesel fumes, other biohazards, noise at all hours, and even more traffic congestion.

Plus, Lowe’s has ten years of rent to pay given a long term lease and thus its landlord is in no hurry to act, not to mention that the T does not have any money at the ready to fund another koched-up West Quincy land buy to bailout a favored local player.

Going once, going twice, gone for four years!
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After all, what are political friends for if not to bailout a friend in need?

On the other hand, converting the site to use by the MBTA would result in the City of Quincy suffering a half a million dollar cut in its annual local property tax revenue take and so require either a permanent $12 increase to the average annual single family home property tax bill to make up for the loss of property tax revenue paid on the former Lowe’s venue given its sale to the T or an offsetting cut in local services provided.

Tax relief wanted
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Then again, what’s a lousy twelve bucks when the average assessed value homeowner was just hit with $271 increase property tax bill increase for Calendar Year Tax Year 2020 and which was well over twice the increase for the average 2019 tax year property tax bill.

After all, when one is already Q’ed, what’s a further Q’ing?

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