The MBTA has taken its new Orange Line trains out of service again, this time over noise concerns.

Making noise in an MBTA maintenance building
A media file photo

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added  

MBTA pulls new Orange Line trains due to “an uncommon noise.”

As one can only reasonably expect, the T is continuing to face at least teething pains with its new Orange Line cars.

In this instance, the problem is an unusual noise emanating from train undercarriages.

In turn, in an abundance of caution, the T has taken the new Orange Line cars out of service so as to endeavor to discover the source of the unexpected noise.

Inside view of a new Orange Line car
A file photo

While one can only that many will assume that one gets what one deserves when buying a Chinese product, the reality unmentioned by all other area media is that given mandatory domestic content requirements to secure federal grant funding, if the source of the unexpected noise is in fact in the undercarriage, the odds are good that the problematic subcomponent is American-made.

Source: MBTA Pulls New Orange Line Trains Due To ‘An Uncommon Noise’

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