City Hall yet again ploughed …
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Quincy City Hall Snow Job streak continues unbroken!

In fact, one could score today as a double jobbing following an accurately forecasted roughly but four inch average local snowfall.

Quincy Quarry News personnel were out and mushing about early this morning to monitor how Quincy weathered the first measurable and lasting snowfall of the season.

Out dogging it to cover the news of the Q!
Quincy Quarry News


First Responder site half-plowed?
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While local main roads were found to be generally well-plowed, side streets were at best but minimally cleared by the start of the morning commute.

Additionally, most roads citywde are as salt-free as the diet of someone with hypertension.

In particular, Quincy Quarry’s Houghs Neck snow report Citizen Journalist has advised the Quincy Quarry newsroom that the Neck streets were as Q’ed up with snow as usual. 

Coping with Snow Daze?
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Then again, with a but at most four inch at most snowfall out on the Neck at daybreak and Nekkas’ penchant for all wheel drive SUV’s and four wheel drive Ford F-150 crew cab pickup trucks, most Nekkas were able to slip slide their way to their morning destinations.

Taking the kids to school, however, is not one of today’s destinations. 

Given an abundance of caution, local public school were closed for a Snow Day.  

Then again, as today is an early release day Tuesday, why bother trying to schlep the kids to school, only then to have to line up for pick up time?

City Hall VIP parking lot yet again plowed down to the pavement before the first light of day
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive image

City Hall, on the other hand, was well along to being clearied down to the pavement before sunrise care of not only newer mechanical plow equipment, but also via manual clearing with snow shovels and then followed by salting.

While one could only reasonably wonder if the City Hall Snow SWAT team might be a bit rusty after the long warm time of the year vacation from snow plowing, it would appear the Sunday’s light snow which then quickly turned to heavy rain provided a practice mobilization of the City Hall snow strike force.

Shoveling it yet again at City Hall
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive image

That and how the several new city employees who are tasked with maintaining the Hancock Adam Green and adjacent City Hall grounds were quick to affect the validity of their new fiefdom.

In short, the same old same from the Koch Maladministration.

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