It costs more than $5,000 a month to rent a one-bedroom in the 02215 Zip Code

Also the most expensive ticket prices in baseball
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Boston Neighborhood tops the list of most expensive ZIP Codes for renters in the United States.

The Boston neighborhoods ranging from the Back Bay to the Fenway to a slice of Longwood that make up the 02215 Zip Code were not all that surprisingly found by to have the highest rents of any Zip Code in the country.

The most expensive rental neighborhood in America
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After all, this part of Boston has long been a tony one.

Taxpayer-subsidized Quincy Center luxury housing
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Conversely, as well as variously gobsmaking, Quincy’s 02169 Zip Code surprisingly ranks forty-ninth on’s ranking of the most expensive places in the entire United States to rent an apartment.

See the full list here

Then again, given all of the new upscale and high-priced apartment developments that have overwhelmed Quincy in recent years, such has surely torqued the local rental market to the sufferance of those seeking affordable housing in the formerly affordable Quincy.

Bon vivant Walkbacker
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Quincy Quarry considered reaching out to Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch for comment about the skyrocketing cost of rental housing in Quincy; however, the Quarry figured why bother yet again end up suffering Koch’s spokesmodel Pinocchio Walkbacker shoveling bovine byproduct.

That and who only knows what sort of shape Walkbacker might be in during the long Veterans’ Day holiday weekend.

Source: Boston Neighborhood Tops List Of USA’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes For Renters

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