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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: the more things stay the same …

This week local elections were held, not that they will yield any real difference for long suffering local taxpayers and residents.

In other words, yet again the same old same old on election day when it comes to getting out the vote locally.

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For example, Quincy’s peerless mayor yet again spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his significantly special interests-funded campaign war chest on his latest reelection campaign.

Generous Special interests – very generous …
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About the only difference this time around was that his ultimately but protest candidate opponent apparently spent bupkis on her own campaign. 

Even so, net of votes for the challenger, ballots left blank on the mayor’s race, and write-in votes, the infinitely greater spending incumbent only garnered a vote for his reelection on 58.6% of the ballots pulled on election day.

Additionally, the number of votes cast for Mayor Koch continue to decline as he continues to run for reelection and thus perhaps the Koch Machine isn’t as koched-up as it used to be.

News goes in, bupkis comes out
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Granted, a win is a win, but one still has to give this year’s admittedly problematic mayoral challenger props for doing as well as she did running as ultimately a protest candidate and who – again – spent basically bupkis on her campaign against a bought and paid for incumbent.

And as for the rest of the races, while there will be a couple of new faces in lesser local elected offices, status quo will likely continue for long-suffering local residents.

That and so also continue to provide a cornucopia of material for Quincy Quarry to exposé.

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