All business with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will be shut down Veterans Day weekend and that includes car inspections and online transactions.

A to be closed ths weekend RMV office
A Jim Michaud /Boston Herald image

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles shutting down all services this weekend for a software upgrade.

Not that anyone is likely to note any difference.

No Registry transactions of any sort will be possible between 4 PM today and the start of business Tuesday morning because the Registry will be rolling its electronic records onto a new technology platform over the long Veterans’ Day holiday weekend.


Now-former RMV manager being called on the carpet
Image via Masslive

At the same time, as well as ironically, the Registry’s scandal-plagued Quincy office is not listed as among the RMV’s offices shutting down operations

Then again, it is on record that Quincy-based Merit Rating Board staff did not know how to use its software and thus any software update would not make any difference to the MRB’s operations.

At this point, Massachusetts residents have no idea if the software conversion which will include rolling over over a billion records will – in fact – actually goes off without a hitch or that no unprocessed data ends up squirreled away in bins in Quincy.

As such, count on Quincy Quincy to monitor this software conversion and report back if any bits and/or bytes hit a digital fan.

Source: Massachusetts RMV Shutting Down All Services This Weekend For Upgrade

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