Paul Coogan, a Fall River Public Schools representative, will replace the controversial Jasiel Correia as the city’s next mayor.

The loser – a big loser.
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Fall River election results: Paul Coogan thumps controversial on leave incumbent Jasiel Correia II.

Paul Coogan, a Fall River Public Schools representative, will replace controversial incumbent Mayor Jasiel Correia II as Fall River’s next mayor come January.

The people have spoken – and loudly
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With essentially all of the ballots counted, Paul Coogan thumped controversial on leave incumbent Mayor Jasiel Correia II, receiving 10,653 votes, roughly 79% of the vote.

Conversely, Correia, who suspended his re-election bid, received but 1,002 votes or 7% of the vote, per unofficial results.

Even more embarrassing for Correia, there were 1,756 write-in votes, comprising 13% of the vote and almost twice as many than were cast for him.

No more adult entertainment for Jaseil …
A Big Dummy’s 2 Savage Meme

Correia was indicted twice earlier this year on charges that he defrauded investors of his startup, SnoOwl, and extorted money from marijuana companies that sought to do business in Fall River.  He has vehemently denied the allegations against him, however unconvincingly.

In the meanwhile, Correia has taken a leave of absence from his role a mayor but continues to collect a just short of $10,000 gross monthly mayoral paycheck from the city as well as surely expects to continues to collect paychecks until his official term in office expires in January and Coogan then assumes office.

Source: Fall River election results 2019: Paul Coogan to become city’s next mayor, replacing controversial Jasiel Correia

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