Two men have been arrested in the beating death of a man in Quincy last January.

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– News about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Two men arrested for neating death of man outside of a Quincy American Legion Post.

The long nightmare for the widow and her family is finally over, at least until the expected trial.

Almost a year after the fatal sucker punching of an all-around good guy and devoted family man, the State Police finally made two arrests. 

One of those arrested is the long rumored suspect and the other is his brother.  While unconfirmed at this point, one has to assume that the brother has been charged as at least an accessory.

The Quincy Police handed the case over to State Police early on in the investigation because of a “possible” conflict of interest. 

What is known at this point is that the brothers both are the sons of a retired Quincy police detective who was for a time a police prosecutor in Quincy District Court as well as have a sister who is currently a Quincy police officer.  That and the brothers have a number of friends on the Quincy police force.

The Beav
A City of Quincy police mugshot

So far, however, no comment from Quincy Police Chief Paul “The Beav” Keenan over today’s arrests, not that he will likely be making himself available for questioning anytime soon absent a subpoena.

In any event, as well as fortunately for the chief’s brother-in-law, Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch, today’s arrests came late in the day on a local mayoral election day.

As this is a breaking story, expect further coverage as details become known.

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Source: 2 Men Arrested For Beating Death Of Man Outside Quincy American Legion Post



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