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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Houston hit by Baby Shark Attack!

Courtesy of a late in the game Game Seven epic comeback rally, the Washington Nationals have brought home the World Series trophy to Washington DC for the first time since the presidency of Calvin Coolidge.

The Bambino in his pitching days
An old photo

In other words, Curse of the Bambino territory even if the nation’s capital has suffered gaps in its having a local major league franchise for the national pastime.

Speaking of record breaking, the 2019 World Series is the first time ever in any major professional American sports multiple game championship format that neither team won a home game. 

But I love my wife’s pasta and gravy
An old photo

Apparently, home cooking and kids underfoot is not an advantage.

In any event, for those who do not care to suffer the ear worm that is the Baby Shark anthem of the Washington Nationals, please be advised that as a public service the geeks on the Quincy Quarry tech services desk are fervently working on developing an audio/video blocker app.

The Quarry geeks are planning to release a free beta test version of the blocker app via the various major app stores as soon as they can secure approval of its underlying code. 

That and overcome both iTunes’ and YouTube’s objectives over their perceived losses of potential royalty revenue streams.

Night of the Living Deer
Coming soon to a theater near you

And in the meanwhile, here’s hoping that the usual assortment of Halloween horrors and the equally frightening political food fighting between the White House and Capitol Hill will help to see Baby Shark jump the shark, if not also as soon as possible as assuredly many Houston area residents as well as surely many more others elsewhere would surely prefer.

For but one example from among innumerable potential news ops, perhaps the emergence of a patriotic and by all accounts loyal Ukrainian/American US Army colonel and for a change good guy with Ukrainian ties ought to be worth a couple days’ worth of national news cycle featured consideration and so help bump the annoying distraction of the also insufferable Baby Shark from viral status.

In short, as well as yet again, the truth is stranger than any fiction.

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