Three studies support that swearing helps people cope with pain, and workout harder.

“Feel the hooves”
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added  

Cursing may help get you through that tough workout.

Have a sadistic yogalates instructor?  Want to kill your whippet-lean spinning class leader?

Rather than suffering physical exhaustion and lactic acid build up pain in silence during aggressive workouts and other sorts of extreme physical exertion, research has found that dropping a timely f-bomb can help ease your pain.

While the sum of the mental/physiological bases behind these research findings are bit complicated, dropping a swear can trigger an analgesic response which can moderate one’s response to pain while exercising.

Feel the burn …
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At the same time, one should endeavor to be careful as to when one might opt to drop an f-bomb during exercise.

Source: Cursing May Help Get You Through That Tough Workout

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