The 49ers are Super Bowl contenders.

Five time Super Bowl champions
A 49er graphic

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News.

“Let’s overreact to Week 8 in the NFL: The 49ers are the NFL’s best team.”

At least so poses an ESPN sportswriter and thus do not complain to Quincy Quarry.

Even so, the sportswriter has a point even if one can also argue that he was just filling the media’s hungry maw for column inches of filler.

For example, while the Patriot decisively beat the woeful Cleveland Browns by two touchdowns, the 49ers pounded the up and coming Jacksonville Jaguars into the artificial turf by a score of 51 to 13.

Granted, the Patriots were playing on a rainy and windy day at Gillette Stadium, but a week ago the 49ers ground out an early in the day game for a West Coast team road game win against Washington in comparably conditions in a trap game against a weak team that was hungry for an upset win and such is one sign of a good team.

The Empire always strikes back …
Meme via US News

Then again, the Patriots have a long history of ramping up their performance on the field as the season progresses.

And in the meanwhile, do keep it in mind that we are only halfway through the season.

Source: Let’s overreact to Week 8 in the NFL: The 49ers are the NFL’s best team

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