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– News and sharky commentary from Quincy Quarry News.

Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: The Washington Nationals are almost as hot as the long ongoing Washington DC political infighting!

The putative national pastime has recently provided an enjoyable diversion from the more fervent combative blood lust among partisan political factions in the nation’s capital.

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Whether or not President Trump will do anything to upset enjoying the World Series, however, remains to be seen. 

Fortunately, there appears to be a chance to see the series come to a quick outcome as the National are looking to at least come close to sweeping the highly favored Houston Astros at the next as many as three games tentatively slated to be played in Washington DC.

That and give rise to the financial distress of bookies everywhere.

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And as for local politics, local elected officials and wannabe contenders are instead mostly pandering to the public with innocuous platitudes and vague proposals so as to keep things as quiet and uncontroversial as possible as next month’s local elections day approaches.

For example, in the long all but unrepresented Ward 5, the two candidates are talking up accessibility and transparency.

While the all but nonexistent accessibility to the current but thankfully soon retiring incumbent ward councillor is a low bar – if not a wicked low bar – to overcome, neither candidate has described just what they mean by transparency.

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Nice buzzword to pimp on the campaign trail, however.

And moving along, the Ward Three incumbent city councillor has proposed that the City of Quincy opt to provide internet service to supplant what is currently offered by the current de facto local cable service monopoly. 

Again, a low bar.

It’s not my money …
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So what, however, for the fact that the Ward Three incumbent has admitted to having no idea what providing municipal internet services might cost, possesses no technical knowledge, and has no funding to pay for the usual proposal validating report by an overly well-paid consultant who is eager to make her or his client happy.

So what also for the fact that the de facto local cable monopoly is steadily, however admittedly gradually, upgrading its local service as well as that Verizon long ago determined that it was not economically viable for it to bring its über high speed and reliable Fios® internet service to Quincy.

That and how the Koch Maladministration can barely keep potholes filed and snow-covered roads merely but perhaps eventually and adequately plowed.

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As such, Quincy Quarry cannot help but opine that the contract for the current cable provider is coming up for renewal and the Koch Maladministration is thus likely looking forward to pressing the current de facto monopoly internet provider to provide all manner of upgrades to Koch Omnivision, formerly known as Quincy Access Television.

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