Quiet before the torm
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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: The Quiet Before The Storm.

And for a change, the storm is a real storm.

That and the first Nor’easter of the cold time of year.

Particularly troubling will be how the so-far unbeaten New England Patriots are playing tonight during the likely to be height of the storm.

Darth Belichick
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On the other hand, the Patriots will be playing the all but hapless New York Giants and who will be offering up the sacrifice of a rookie as their starting quarterback.

And speaking of blood sports, the aficionados of same in Washington DC have to still be enjoying the blood spilled last night when the Washington Nationals defeated the heavily favored Los Angles Dodgers via a grand slam in the tenth inning of the fifth and final game of the Divisional Championship Series.

The Trumpenator
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After all, even the most rabid fan of the ultimate domestic blood sport that is politics can only take so much Kafaybe out of the WWE Hall of Fame member who is (currently still, ed.) living in the White House before hitting one’s basta point.

Then again, tomorrow night will feature a weekly prime time network broadcast of WWE’s premier season of Friday NIght Smackdown and thus at some point a presidential guest appearance is only to be expected.

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