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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Same old same old, different week!

Yet again, the denizens of Washington DC have expressed even higher dudgeon over the latest Trumpian incident.

How outrageous was the WWE Hall of Fame member’s latest kayfabe?

WWE Hall of Fame member quality kayfabe!
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So outrageous that so far not even Quincy Quarry has been able to figure out a way to both cover and then offer insightful snarky comment other than to note that the ongoing consensus in the Quincy Quarry News bullpen is a nagging feeling that President Trump’s latest actions just might help him to be reelected.

Among other reasons for this troubling consensus in the Quarry newsroom, no one other than the Los Angeles Times/USC pollsters – and arguably Quincy Quarry – sensed that he had anything other than the proverbial snowball’s chance to last in purgatory to win election in 2016 – and yet he did.

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In other words, once bitten, twice shy, hate undergoing rabies shots, etc.

And in the meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders had to undergo a heart procedure following a said to be minor heart attack and then put his personal campaigning activities on hold indefinitely at time when he has been slipping in the polls.

While the Quarry and others expect that Bernie will return to the hustings, the odds of his winning the Democratic nomination are looking likely to continue to fade.

“Facts are stubborn things”
A campaign season meme

Further troubling, the primary new outlet in Washington DC recently poked into the claims of both Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren that their respective presidential campaigns were 100% grass-root funded via donations from their respective supporters.

Given fair looks at the books, however, their claims were not accurate.

A Democratic fat cat
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Nowhere near close to accurate.

On the other hand, if not also even worse, many big money donors to the Democratic party may not open their checkbooks this presidential election cycle if Senator Warren end up as the Democrats’ presidential nominee and may even instead opt to drop big money President Trump’s way given her plans to boost taxes on both the mega rich and Wall Street.

With Trump, the Republican National Committee and allied campaign fund accounts already raking it in for the general election, however, the rich look to continue to become even more flush with money.

The last ride on Marine One …
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Granted, impeachment may happen, but what then happens with all of the Trump-controlled campaign funds? 

After all, per the various most recent GOP campaign report filings, such is on the order of perhaps as much as a nine figures question.

A likely to be wicked large nine figures question, even net of expected as well as also likely to be considerable legal expenses.

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