“Quincy now boasts 10% of its population below the poverty line, rising property taxes, damaging potholes, and horrendous traffic (which seems to worsen each month due to major residential development). These civic issues, along with armed robberies, gun violence and frequent drug busts (all just last month), show that Quincy has become a city of crime and corruption.”

Business, as usual …
A Quincy Quincy News meme

– News and commentary about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News.

Political corruption in Quincy, Massachusetts.

There is a new and also hard-hitting commentator about the Quincy scene. 

While Perry Jameson: Publisher and Acting Assistant Publisher of the Quincy Quarry News felt behooved to offer up comment as well as correct some understandable errata posed by this new commenter in town, this new voice did offer up a solid overview of what all he did address

A Quincy Quarry News file photo

In fact, the only really problem with his comments is that there is so much more to exposé.

Way more.

After all, Quincy has a long history as A City Under The Influence.

Source: The Political Corruption of Quincy, Massachusetts

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