The Massachusetts senator stresses her difficult childhood in Oklahoma and her time working as a public school teacher. She rarely – if ever – mentions her long career as a Harvard law professor.

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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, currently doing well in Iowa polls, stresses her heartland roots but not her Harvard pedigree.

Another Massachusetts politician distances himself/herself from Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney did it in 2012 and now Elizabeth Warren is doing it. 

At the same time, it is only fair to note that doing so did not work for Mittens.

1/1024th, 1/2020th – whatever …

Perhaps Senator Warren can thread the needle of the usual public distrust of wonks as well as both finally and actually present an answer on how she plans to pay for her looking to be primary campaign promise

But what does she do if she has to address the possible appearance of potentially embarrassing documentation of what may have perhaps helped her end up at Harvard, much less how such might also resurrect questions about how her family story was more than just a bit puffed?

After all, at around this point in the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination race, Howard Dean was seen as the odd on favorite to win the nomination, only to subsequently crash and burn following his infamous war hoop.

Source: Elizabeth Warren, soaring in Iowa, stresses heartland roots over Harvard pedigree

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