Hacks FINALLY getting whacked!
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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: The Whacks of Hacks Continue!

While long suffering Quincy residents have yet to see just desserts served to long deserving local hacks, they can look elsewhere around the Commonwealth for signs of hope for a less bad future.


Public execution, firing, exit – whatever …
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For but one nearby example, the Braintree Town Councillor said to be a Koched-up relative who continued his quixotic bid to become the next mayor of Braintree.

So what, apparently for his recent public firing from a truly no lifting of anything hacked up as well as surely overpaid sinecure as the Director of the Registry of Motor Vehicle’s scandal-plagued Merit Rating Board 

For a change, however, he ended up finishing a distant fourth in a four person primary election earlier this week.  A very distant fourth.

Now that’s what Daddy likes!
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On the other hand, Jasiel Correia II, the arguably suspended Mayor of Fall River, only just barely survived this week’s primary election in Fall River.

Then again, we are talking Fall River.

In any event, even if Correia somehow or other manages to successfully stuff enough ballots in the fast approaching November general election, the new sheriff in town, US Attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling, is posed to send the young Jasiel on an extended stay at Club Fed.

A long extended stay.

Taking names, numbers and no prisoners
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And speaking of law enforcement, Massachusetts state troopers continue to change their union leadership in the face of an ongoing prosecutorial onslaught by the surely well-funded by the Trump Administration’s new sheriff in town.

After all, when it comes to easy pickings for public official corruption prosecutions, Massachusetts has both long been and still is a target-rich environment.

That and how the 2020 presidential election surely but coincidentally is on the horizon.

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