Pull over your buggy …
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Two Amish men escape police after being pulled over for drinking while driving their horse and buggy.

Just when the hard-bitten and even harder drinking Quincy Quarry News crew thought that they had seen it all, something previously unimaginable comes across the news wire.

Trumbull County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich announced that two Amish men drinking alcoholic beverages were pulled over in the wee hours of Sunday morning while operating a horse and buggy with a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra on top of the buggy that is outfitted with a giant stereo system.

Racing away, racing — whatever
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At the same time, the old gray mare did not race away from police. 

Rather, the two most unexpected tipplers managed to slip out of the buggy and then disappeared into the dark of night.

At least that is the sheriff department’s story and it is sticking to it.

Dragovich added said drinking and driving laws still apply to the buggy, even if it’s pulled by a horse and not licensed. 

Pull over Daisy and drop the reins
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Additionally, the two men could be charged with failure to comply with the deputy’s commands to pull over and drop the reins,

In the meanwhile, the sheriff’s department has attempted to call different people to pick up the horse, but so far no one has answered the phone,

Source: Two Amish men escape police after being pulled over for drinking and driving their horse and buggy.

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