Facing a recall vote this week, the state police union president has resigned in the latest leadership change to roil the union, one of the state’s most powerful labor groups.

Also now former Troop E
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Massachusetts State Police union president resigns.

With intriguing political mayoral primary elections underway today in Braintree and sandal-plagued Fall River, the head of the State Police Association of Massachusetts (“SPAM”) saw the writing on the wall and resigned yesterday in advance of his facing a likely successful recall vote to remove him from office at tomorrow’s SPAM meeting at a Sheraton hotel in Framingham.

Taking names , numbers and no prisoners
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The just resigned head of SPAM took over as president of the union last October when his predecessor stepped down amid a federal investigation into the union’s activities and which later resulted in a number of federal indictments.

While the just resigned SPAM president instituted a variety of positive reforms, union membership look to want to make a change

In turn, time will tell just what sort of change.

Source: Mass. State Police union president resigns

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