The Town of Braintree will hold a preliminary election for mayor on Tuesday.  Clockwise from upper left, Lisa Fiske Heger, Thomas Bowes, Thomas Reynolds and George Kokoros

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added 

Braintree voters go to the polls Tuesday for mayoral and other local offices primary elections.

The mayoral race In Braintree is the most intriguing one to cover given the candidacy of long time City Council member Thomas Bowes.

As Quincy Quarry’s ever growing legion of loyal reader will recall, Mr. Bowes was publicly rebuked over his various managerial shortcomings as the Director of Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Merit Rating Board and which so played an arguable key indirect role in a tragic motor vehicle accident in New Hampshire earlier this summer and then Bowes was summarily fired over same.

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A review of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance records of the four mayoral candidates, however, suggests that Mr. Bowes has been outspent by his opponents by between roughly three to as much as ten times as much money after deducting $850 in not campaign related sponsorship donations made by Bowes..

Further, Bowes has seen precious little in the way of additional campaign contributions since word of his role in the tragic New Hampshire crash hit the fan.

How thin have the contributions been since the accident?  Not even his purported relative by marriage Quincy Mayor Thoma P. Koch has contributed a dime either after the accident or even before it.

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Then again, in an arguable manner of personal no confidence or perhaps indicting other plans for the money as Bowes raised over $10,000 earlier this year and mostly before the tragic accident in New Hampshire, candidate Bowes still has over $8,000 in his campaign bank account as of his mandatory August 19 campaign account report filing,

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Source: Mayoral race: Braintree goes to the polls Tuesday


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