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– News about Quincy from Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Carmageddon coming to Quincy commute on Monday?

In a late as well as typically so announcement out of the Koch Maladministration, along with probably even less traffic disruption mitigation planning, one can only reasonably expect that many commuters will be facing a Q’ed-up commute for the next month while a crucial run of Quarry Street in West Quincy is impacted by construction work.

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As such, Quincy Quarry recommends that locals who have not already downloaded a GPS navigation app onto their smartphones do so ASAP.

And while not making any app recommendations, as a public service announcement, Quincy Quarry is suggesting to its ever-growing legions of loyal readers that those who do not already have a GPS navigation app on their smartphones consider downloading one of the apps listed at the following links of navigation apps for Android and iPhone users.

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