This is Massachusetts – greed and stupidity are not exactly unknown among our elected officials.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Amateur hour in Fall River marijuana bribery scandal.

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia could be a case study – in how NOT to run a shakedown conspiracy, that is.

At least so says the Boston Herald’s Howie Carr.

Then again, this is Massachusetts and where greed and stupidity are not exactly unknown among our elected officials.

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Even so, according to Friday’s federal indictment, this kid mayor violated all of the accepted local rules for stealing.

In addition to the cash – over half a million, Correia is accused of grabbing mortgage discharges, scoring a dozen or so pounds of pot, a percentage of the city’s projected marijuana revenues, and at least one $10,000 Rolex “Batman” watch.

In other words, “Batman was robbin’.”

How is it possible to extort this much graft in one destitute city? 

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Because the Legislature, in the enabling legislation, gave city mayors the sole authority to issue “non-opposition letters” to pot emporia, without which they can’t open.

One corrupt mayor, a bunch of drug dealers, and millions of dollars in cash up for grabs. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s count the ways.

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As Lelling pointed out, since marijuana is still banned under federal law, the dealers can’t use the banking system, so everything is cash, meaning “mayors could be sorely tempted to take some kind of bribe.”

You think? 

At the same time, one can only assume that that these same hacks are now hearing footsteps in city halls across the length and breadth of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

After all, the drug kingpins can’t use banks, so they use mayors instead.

After all, why pay off everybody at City Hall if they can just bribe the mayor?

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And after one of the payoffs, the mayor’s chief of staff told the marijuana dealer, “You’re family now.”

Crime family, that is.

Will more mayors be bagged by the feds? 

Needless to say, when they are, count on Quincy Quarry to cover it.

Source: Amateur hour in Fall River

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