Dump truck breaks parking garage
A Citizen Photojournalist photo

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Quincy Medical Offices building garage breaking badly bad news©

A Quincy Quarry Citizen Photojournalist has shared the local breaking badly bad news© of the day with Quincy Quarry – at least so far as things have broken so far today.

A large dump truck crashed through the deck of the parking structure of a parking garage of a mostly medical offices building at the corner of Furnace Brook Parkway and Copeland Street in West Quincy.

Fortunately, the Quincy Quarry Citizen Photojournalist has advised the Quarry that no was injured nor were any of the reported to be as many as vehicles now trapped in the lower level of the garage seriously damaged.

Additionally, the Quincy Police have subsequently twitted similarly.

QQ Newscopter flying low and slow over the scene
Quincy Quarry News file photo

Even so, the garage has been closed off for reasons obvious as well as local media newscopters are loitering over the scene so as to secure video for tonight’s local televised news broadcasts.

Needless to say, the loss of any more off-street parking in ever-increasingly parking scarce Quincy is breaking badly bad news©.

As such, expect follow up coverage from Quincy Quarry as might be appropriate.

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