A new CNN poll shows Biden’s lead in the Democratic presidential nomination race is growing.

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News.

Joe Biden’s lead among Democrats and others is growing.

Recent, if not also ongoing, gaffes by Biden notwithstanding, he has expanded his lead per a just released CNN poll.has expanded his lead in the polls.

Not happy about the latest polling news?
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Granted, while still very early in the going, these latest polling data have to be frustrating for perhaps dubiously perceived to be Massachusetts’ adopted favorite daughter Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and who remains to be stuck in third place – especially in the wake of her recent apology tour as well as her eating of a lot of corn dogs and agreeing to selfies as she tries to convince Iowa voters that she is the real deal even if she does not have the support of the most important print news media in Massachusetts.

Source: Joe Biden’s Lead Among Democrats Is Growing

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