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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: The House doesn’t always win …. 

This past week was a rough week for Massachusetts casinos.

At least some of them, that is.

Look out below!
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The first piece of breaking badly bad news© was that Rhode Island’s Twin Rivers casino suffered a 34% cut in its take during the first month of operation of Encore Boston Harbor as compared to July of last year.

And next up came word of how the MGM Springfield casino has not done all that much to boost the local economy in Springfield as had been long touted it would other than mostly but providing paychecks to its employees after first picking the pockets of gamblers on its casino floor.

That and boosting MGM’s bottom line.

Firing up a fatty
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In turn, when are similar bad economic reviews going be to reported about legal marijuana?

After all, ponder how all manner of costs are variously incurred given that there is currently no legally acceptable scientific testing protocol to discern if a motor vehicle operator is operating under the influence of cannabis while driving in the Commonwealth.

On the other hand, there is some good new about those behaving badly: likely sore losers were busted for brawling at Encore Boston Harbor over the weekend.

Stooges in court
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Apparently, such behaving badly behavior has  given rise to regular arrangements over same at the Malden District Courthouse.

Next up, it was yet again quite a week for the T. 

First, on Monday MBTA officials formally rolled out to the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board to close key subway lines in Boston over most weekends until the end of the year so that the T can endeavor to more readily effect long overdue repairs.

Long suffering strap hangers and rook riders
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Needless to say, strap hangers were not amused even if there actually is defensible logic behind this T plan. 

Then again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Plus, given that Quincy Red Line riders have been suffering both demolition-related and construction disrupted service for almost two years, what’s at least several more months of pain?

Mayor Duffus
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Further, it must be noted that Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch –  who also happens to be the long ongoing Chair of the MBTA Advisory Board and which is an official conduit for MBTA oversight as well as service complaints – is continuing to maintain his long ongoing silence as regards his not offering any comment whatsoever as regards the long ongoing abuse of Quincy’s public transportation users.

Then again, better to keep quiet than to speak and so remove all doubt.

Then again, as he has long enjoyed the free use of taxpayers funded and leather interior featuring SUV’s, he need never have to suffer the travails of suffering what passes for pubic transit in the Greater Boston area.

“The Beav”
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Speaking of long time spans of no comment, this week the State Medical Examiner finally released its official report on January’s fatal sucker punching on Squantum and so ruling it to have been a death by homicide.

Still no arrest or arrests, however, and in spite of the fact that most everyone concerned knows who is said to have delivered the fatal blows as well as that he has multiple ties to the Quincy Police Department. 

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