The soon to be reopening new Wollaston Red Line station.

Other Red Line reconstruction work
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MTBA Wollaston Red Line station is slated to reopen for use on Friday, August 16.

After roughly twenty months out of service and so causing local strap hangers all manner of frustration, the rebuilt Wollaston Red Line station will finally be reopened for public use.


We be done when we be done
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While work on more than just punch list sorts of items remains to be completed in coming weeks to perhaps months, the station’s return to service is still better than its remaining out of service.

Even so, as well as in typical MBTA fashion, the T only just today formally announced that the station would reopen tomorrow.

Equally remiss, the T is reopening the station on a Friday and so will likely doom this good for a change news about the T to ending up both buried and so forgotten in the weekend news cycle and when the savvy press flack knows is the best time to announce bad news.

Long suffering commuters
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Plus, one can also only wonder about the advisability of reopening the station on a weekday for reasons readily discernible.

In further typical MBTA fashion, the T will continue for yet another week to incur the extra expense of providing shuttle bus service that was implemented so as to endeavor to mitigate the travails of Red Line riders during the 20 months long closure of Wollaston Station while it was undergoing reconstruction.

Source: Wollaston Station improvements

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