Boston’s Camp Harbor View is a summer camp for kids who may not otherwise have the chance to have a special summer.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Camp Harbor View helps underprivileged Boston youth learn and thrive.

Camp Harbor View is a summer camp on Long Island for inner city Boston youth who might not otherwise have the chance for a special summer.

Camp Harbor View is in its thirteenth year helping youth thrive.

Camp Harbor View is just a short boat ride from Boston, but the camp, nestled on Long Island in Boston Harbor, is a world away for most of its campers.

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Brought into being by Boston advertising mogul Jack Conners and the now late longtime Boston Mayor Tom Menino, Camp Harbor View is about much more than just having fun.

Campers are able to participate in new activities such as learning about golf, riding bikes without worrying about traffic, working with a choreographer on dance skills and building confidence by conquering a rock wall.

Teamwork, communications, perseverance and resiliency are also among the lessons learned.

Learning the patience needed for golf!
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The camp hosts 900 young people every summer during one of two four-week sessions.

“Many of them are from our city neighborhoods that don’t have the green space, the beautiful sights and views, the opportunity to be by the ocean,” said the camp’s director Lisa Fortenberry.  “It’s an opportunity for kids out here to really challenge themselves, be a part of new experiences, make new friends.”

“You learn core values like respect and being honest,” said camper Exbin Gongon.

“I learn a lot about leadership and responsibility,” said Mazzy Gallentin, another camper.

Camper Naijah Santiago described the experience as a “fun way of learning.”

Some campers even go on to the Leaders In Training program and become mentors.

“I feel like I help further the experience, and make the summer better,” said Zachary Leung-Tat, one of the leaders in training.

“There is a safety in this community and an inspiration in this community that for many of our kids who are struggling outside this island, deserve and need,” Fortenberry said.

Demolishing the Long Island Bridge
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Currently, campers must be ferried out to the island as the Long Island bridge was condemned and closed closed in 2014 and then demolished in 2015.

The City of Boston is planning to rebuild the bridge and will so be able to better operate the camp in addition to facilitating Boston’s primary goal of developing residential substance abuse recovery services elsewhere on Long Island.

Shoveling it on local taxpayers’ dimes. Lots of dimes.
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The City of Quincy and certain locals, however, are fighting Boston’s plans to rebuild its bridge to its property on Long Island on its dime.

Dante is thus surely adding a lower tenth level for Quincy opponents undermining underprivileged youth from enjoying safe, positive, and potentiality transformative experiences. 

And as for a name for a tenth ring, hypocrisy comes to mind.

Source: Camp Harbor View Helps Boston Kids Learn And Thrive

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