Massachusetts may have a reputation for bad driving. But now we have a closer look where those drivers are exactly.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Where are the worst drivers In Massachusetts?

Masshole drivers are at least regionally infamous and “The Weave” is a terrifying traffic maneuver – for other drivers.

And now as a public service warning to Quincy Quarry’s ever growing legions of loyal readers, the Quarry is sharing word of a recent granular insurance industry study which ranks Massachusetts communities from the worst to the least bad.

“A City On The Move”
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While Quincy inexplicably did not rank in the top five of the most dangerous places to drive in Massachusetts, the Q did come in at 25 out of the 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth.

Source: Where Are The Worst Drivers In Massachusetts?

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