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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: A dog of a Dog Days of August City Hall grift.

In the wake of the latest revelations about the tragic shortcomings at the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Quincy-based Merit Ratings Board and this week’s mostly uninspiring Democratic presidential debates comes word of an arguably scandalous local koched-up mess.

FedEx Ground, grounded – whatever …
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Specifically, how the Koch Administration has apparently approved on the down low FedEx’s previously withdrawn plans to base a distribution facility in North Quincy adjacent to Marina Bay.

In turn, impacted abutters are livid over not hearing of City Hall’s final approval of FedEx’s plans as they will worsen already considerable local traffic congestion.

Old Long Island Bridge piers
An Eric-Kilby

Additionally, there is the intertwined as well as considerable hypocrisy given that Koch Maladministration is conversely using upwards of a million dollars of local tax dollars to fight the City of Boston’s plans to but reestablish vehicular access to its property on Long Island.

That and how the City of Boston plans to rebuild the Long Island bridge on its own dime.

A US government hydrogen bomb test photo

Then again, God forbid that Squantum NIMBY’s should have a residential substance abuse rehabilitation facility and a summer camp for underprivileged inner city youth upwards of a couple miles offshore of their backyards.

Needless to say, expect fireworks.

Potentially thermonuclear fireworks.

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