Federal investigators said Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, the driver charged in a deadly New Hampshire crash, was under the influence of drugs and reaching for a drink.

New Hampshire tragic accident scene
A news media photo

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Driver in deadly New Hampshire motorcycle crash was on drugs and reaching for adrink.

Federal investigators said Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, the driver charged in the deadly New Hampshire crash that has resulted in exposing a massive scandal within the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, was apparently under the influence of drugs as well as reaching for a drink when he lost control of his truck and so killed seven motorcyclists.

Another New Hampshire accident scene photo
A Miranda Thompson/AP photo

The revelation comes from a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration report which was obtained by the Boston broadsheet via a Freedom of Information request.

Given that Zhukovskyy was working a commercial trucking job at the time of the accident, the feds take the lead in such accident investigations.

Zhukovskyy is facing seven charges of negligent homicide and pleaded not guilty to these and other related charges.

Zhukovskyy has a long history of traffic violations and impairment charges.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles said Zhukovskyy’s commercial license should have been suspended prior to the fatal crash given previous arrests.

Source: Report: Driver In Deadly NH Motorcycle Crash Was On Drugs, Reaching For Drink

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