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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: The heat is on!

Not only are the reigning World Series Champion Boston Red Sox FINALLY heating up after an abysmal start this season just as the weather is also heating up for at least this weekend, the heat continues to heat up for the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Quincy-based Merit Ratings Board unit.

Quincy Quarry is shocked, shocked …
A Warner Brothers masterpiece

In the wake of failure after failure after failure by the Merit Ratings Board unit to apparently do much of anything other than put moving violation citation notices into bins and then place the bins into storage, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Finance and Audit committee right on cue affected a performance of high dungeon yesterday at one of its regularly scheduled public meetings.

Quelle surprise

Yet another close shave …
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In the meanwhile, however, Quincy Quarry has yet to hear bupkis from its well-placed assets as regards the fates of the the patronage hack hire managers who have been dining at the public trove in apparently no lifting, much less any heavy lifting at all, and well-paying sinecures at the Registry’s Quincy-based Merit Ratings Board unit. 

That and who are surely but coincidentally variously related to Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch.

Speculating and as Quincy Quarry is want to do, however, it is only reasonable that the managers are likely facing painful inquisitions by wave after wave after wave of merciless outside auditors. 

A double necktie party …
An old photo

That and probably tasked finding themselves with tying nooses during their precious few free moments of free time just in case passing buses most likely cannot be scheduled by the T.

Speaking of nooses, today a bail hearing for indicted child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein but which will likely result denial in his release on bail. 

One can only assume that the lack of Alan Dershowitz on his defense team this time around did not help Epstein get out of jail, even if most likely only for but a short while.

Shaking hands at arm’s length …
Image via CNN

That and how former United States Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is now pounding the pavement, if not also pounding his head against a wall.

In short, the dog days of summer look to be rabid this summer.

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