“Ted Kennedy might have become president — Richard Nixon certainly thought the runt of the litter was going to be the Democrat nominee against him in 1972. But the Kennedys’ dreams of a restoration of “Camelot” were shattered 50 years ago this week when Teddy drove off of a small bridge on Chappaquiddick  …”

Mr. Congeniality
Image via The Republic

– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added

Ted Kennedy never grasped magnitude of Chappaquiddick.

At least so opines Howie Carr on the other fiftieth anniversary this month: the death by drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne.

As one can only expect, Howie pulls out all the stops. 

Even so, nothing he had to say was unfounded.

Source: Ted Kennedy never grasped magnitude of Chappaquiddick

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