QUINCY — Just three years after taking over a Wollaston supermarket, the Big Y is moving out.  The family-owned supermarket chain based in Western Massachusetts said it will be leaving its 475 Hancock Street location after it was unable to negotiate a lease extension with the landlord of the property.

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– News about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added

The Big Y supermarket will be moving out of its Quincy location when its lease expires

Needless to say, The Big Y is apparently facing the same problem that many residential tenants have been suffering in recent years: a landlord seeking an outsized rent increase.

Either that or The Big Y – as did Lowe’s late last year – may have decided that Quincy is not an ideal community for its more upscale business model and was thus only willing to pay so much in the way of rent..

The site of the former Wollaston Theater
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Regardless, one can only assume that The Big Y bailing out of Wollaston will likely undercut Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s plans for a new Wollaston in ways eerily reminiscent of his fiscally suspect plans for “A New Quincy Center.”

Fortunately, for a change, this latest pending vacant storefront will be in his neighborhood.

Source: Wollaston supermarket moving out as lease expires

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