The source of Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth is a mystery, but unproven theories on how his made his millions – from blackmail to money-laundering – abound.

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How Jeffrey Epstein Made His Money: Four Wild Theories.

Actually, the theories are not all that wild even if they may be mistaken.

The four theories: he ran a Ponzi scheme and something which Epstein has suspected experience in his past; the alleged child trafficker pimped out young girls so that he could then blackmail rich marks to “invest’ with him; he “belonged to intelligence” – whose intelligence operation, however, who only knows; and, finally, he ran offshore tax schemes and/or money laundering scams.

Editor’s note: Quincy Quarry senses a combination of at least some of the four.

What is known is that other than his real estate holdings, private jet and fifteen cars which are worth somewhere north of a hundred million or so, it is all but impossible for the general public to discern how much more Epstein might be worth.

Always – ALWAYS – follow the money
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At the same time, as the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York’s crack Public Corruption Unit is handling the case, the likelihood of additional financial or tax-related charges is far greater than if another unit of federal prosecutors was in charge  – the Southern District’s Public Corruption Unit is the top federal financial crimes investigator given that Wall Street is on its beat.

To this verity, Gene Rossi, a trial analyst for Law & Crime, suggested that the Public Corruption Unit could provide more flexibility on pressing additional charges, including money laundering, corruption, or tax-related crimes and thus … “(t)he sky’s the limit.”

Feds pack AND play hardball
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Rossi added that it’s “extremely bad news” for Epstein that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is involved.  They don’t play nice,”

As such, he said that he would be surprised if the case only involved sex trafficking charges.

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Source: How Jeffrey Epstein Made His Money: Four Wild Theories



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