The lifetime appointment given to Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito’s law school friend (above) as clerk magistrate in Cambridge — a $150,000-a-year post — was put on a fast track and may have violated …

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– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry News

Naming Lieutenant Governor Polito’s law school friend to $155,000 Cambridge clerk job criticized by a Governor’s Council member.

Hard upon a tragic event at least somewhat enabled by the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Quincy-based and patronage hack-hire laden Merit Ratings Board literally not doing its job comes word of yet another problematical hack hire appointment to an important position. 

In this case, appointment as clerk magistrate (the operational head) of the Cambridge District Court.

Lieutenant Governor Polito (left) and now former State Trooper Leigh Genduso (right);
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At least so reports the Boston tabloid.

The tabloid cited a number of problems with this appointment. 

For example, how the appointee had no prior germane district court experience. 

Similarly, she was inexplicably nominated for the Cambridge position which was never posted. 

In fairness, however, the appointee did apply for the plum position of clerk magistrate of  Nantucket’s District Court but did not get that all but permanent vacay job,  As such, her subsequent appointment as clerk magistrate of Cambridge District Court could be viewed as an arguable do-over.

Always – ALWAYS –   follow the money.
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That and as a way to pop her eventual state pension by as much as 340% or more as she was only making $46,355 as recently as 2014 per a state payroll records review by the tabloid.

In any event as well as in the meanwhile, a certain Braintree resident is said to be closely monitoring the well-being of Quincy’ District Court’s long-serving clerk magistrate.

Source: Naming Lt. Gov. Polito’s college friend to $150,000 Cambridge clerk job knocked

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