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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Quincy City Hall is grateful for the T!

While the MBTA’s long-ongong woes and those with the Red Line in particular are surely taking a toll on the Koch Maladministration’s plans to redevelop much of Quincy into densely populated transit-oriented developments, there is a silver lining for the maladministration.

Money to burn, burning through money – whatever.
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The T’s continuing problems take the focus away from the fact that last week Team Koch was forced to tap dance carefully around the reality of its impending 6.3% spending increase for the new Fiscal Year which begins on Monday.

Fortunately for Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers while at the same time unfortunately for those living in Quincy, even Quincy Quarry’s crack-addled financial analysts were able to readily see that City of Quincy annual spending will continue to grow at similar rates of increase as city spending will continue to be stuck in structural deficit status for at least as long as the Koch Maladministration is in charge of the hack hire-laden local patronage machine formerly known as the City of Quincy.

Easy Money
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Even more troubling, a good case can be made that even if the life of Quincy’s de facto mayor for life might end sooner rather than later, both current financial obligations as well as others already set in stone future balloon payments will hit start hitting the fan in 2028, not to mention that even more balloon payments should be expected to continue to explode for years to perhaps many years thereafter.

Even more troubling yet, if the economy cools before 2028 and/or viable legal challenges are launched, things will likely start hitting the fan even sooner.

Fortunately for the ever growing legions of loyal Quincy Quarry readers, the Quarry has already covered an explanation as to why the Koch Maladministration continues to ignore the unarguably obvious.

Then again, the Koch Maladministration is an easy book to read.

A easy read …
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A very easy book.

In the meanwhile, it is summer time and the grifting continues to be easy even if riding the Red Line is not.

Fortunately, this week features the televised scrums of Democratic 2020 presidential contenders trying to break out of the largest pack of announced contenders from any party in history.

That and also be sure to consider staying up afterwards to catch Stephen Colbert’s all but contemporaneous live as well as eerily spot on comedic debate commentary shortly after the debates conclude.

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