The president made a number of claims during his address to 20,000 supporters at a rally in Florida to formally launch his reelection campaign.

What has happen to the Party of Lincoln?
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– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry with commentary added.

President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign launch speech fact checked.

President Trump officially launched his 2020 reelection bid last night in front of a packed house in Orlando, Florida.

So far, Quincy Quarry appears to be the only news source to pick up on the facts that he did so in Orlando’s Amway Arena and thus was but a short drive away from Disney World’s Fantasyland®.

“And his hair was perfect” – Warren Zevon
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In any event, the consensus of most major media is that President’s seventy-five minute speech was as puffed up as high as his hair.

Even so, in fairness some statements were arguably valid even if less than duly warranted even within context.

For example, President Trump’s noting that a record number of Americans working these days even if such is at least somewhat influenced by the fact that there are more Americans than even before.

Also, American water quality is among the best worldwide.  Then again, it was before he became president.

Even so, the Quarry could only assign a three Pinocchio rating to President Trump’s representations.

Only three Pinocchio’s
A Washington Post Fact Checker image

Then again, Quincy Quarry benchmarks its rating scales per the koched-up claims of the Koch Maladministration and which the Quarry has long suspected is pathologically predisposed to foist bovine byproduct even in the rare instances when the truth is actually more favorable than what it instead opts to reflexively shovel.

A Pander Bear pandering
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In any event, as far as election campaign announcement speeches go, a three Pinocchio rating for President Trump’s formal announcement speech is not all that far removed from typical, not to mention would be a considerable improvement upon the recent history of such local pumped up dubious panderings.

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Source: Fact checked: President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign launch speech



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