Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel announced Wednesday that Trump raised a record breaking $24.8 million in less than twenty-four hours following his formal announcement of his re-election bid.

It’s raining benjamins! Lot’s of benjamins ….
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– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry.

Trump rakes it in, BIG TiME.

How big?  Roughly four times more than the previous record set earlier this year by former Vice President Joe Biden in the first twenty four hours after he finally made official his long expected bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

At least so claims the Republican National Committee.

Rudy and The Donald
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Granted, President Trump has a well-deserved reputation for puffery.

At the same time, the purported take is well within the realm of plausible if one sums up the takes of all of the Democratic contenders in the first twenty-four hours after they formally announced their respective candidacies whereas President Trump is the only significant announced Republican candidate.

At least so far, that is.

Trump crapped out in his bid to win in Atlantic City
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Plus, given reporting requirements, the Republican National Committee’s record setting fundraising claim can be readily fact checked, not to mention that even President Trump has to know at this point that the media will lampoon him if this claim is overly inflated or otherwise pimped.

Not that he cares

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Four of a kind
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Source: Trump raises $24.8 million for reelection in less than 24 hours, RNC says



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