After a thorough examination of the candidate’s paperwork, “a troubling series of truthhoods emerged,” the White House said.

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Replacement for White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders disqualified over telling the truth on job application

From The New Yorker comes word that a leading candidate to replace the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was disqualified after telling the truth repeatedly on his job application.

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According to the White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, the candidate got high marks in his job interview by demonstrating “utter disregard and contempt for press freedoms.”

“We then had him do a practice press briefing in which he was relentlessly abusive, obnoxious, and insulting.

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“We were all, like, ‘This is our guy.’ ”

But after a thorough examination of the candidate’s job application, “a troubling series of truthhoods emerged,” Mulvaney said.

“It turned out that he was telling the truth about his education and previous employment,” the chief of staff said.  “It was a pattern of honesty that we found deeply disturbing.”

Mulvaney said that the “inexcusably veracious” answers had eliminated the candidate from further consideration.

The previous White House Press Secretary happily announcing his departure?
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“We all feel like we just dodged a bullet,” he said.

“This whole episode just demonstrates how tough it is to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

Late night talk show writers also agree that they too are looking at tough times.

Source: Replacement for Sarah Sanders Disqualified After Telling Truth on Job Application

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