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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Bruins Blue.

The Boston Bruins fell short at home in the seventh and final game of the Stanley Cup/National Hockey League finals.

Even so, it was still an exciting championship series as well as one wherein home ice was not an advantage.

In final game, the St. Louis Blues managed to sharp shoot two goals out of but a handful of shots on goal in the first period and then proceeded to park the Bruins into the boards.

Number 4 Bobby Orr
A Ray Lussier photo

That and impose some forty-nine year old payback.

Granted, the Bruins still managed to out shoot the Blues by 33 to 20; unfortunately, rookie Blues goalie Jordan Binnington was so hot that the ice in his crease was melting as the Bruins were only able to score but one goal late in final period of the game.

The only good news was that the game was not close after the first period and thus local hockey fanatics did not much of a basis to vent their disappointment.

SWAT iced
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Needless to say, many local police departments were rumored to have upped their alert status to the law enforcement equivalent of DEFCON One.

That and praying that a repeat of the controversial missed penalty call that enabled the Blues to win Game 5 by a score of 2 to 1 did not again happen.

Fortunately, these novenas were answered even if those for a Bruins win were not.

Moving along, the Koch Maladministration called a time out on presenting its latest Quincy Center redevelopment giveaway to favored special interests, delaying the plan’s scheduled hearing before the Quincy City Council from Wednesday of this week until Monday of next week.

Tens of millions more here, tens of millions more there, and you’re talking really money.
A image

As such, Team Koch is surely planning to go with a full court press to grift the providing of somewhere in the range of mid-nine figures worth of incentives to a billionaire developer at the City Council’s final meeting before it recesses for the summer.

Key to this particular tap dance will be skirting the fact that the tens of millions of incentives will be variously subsidized – if not all but fully covered – by various pools of local long-suffering taxpayers.

Mayor Koch’s minions will also be pressing to finesses its hiding of a $5.4 million Fiscal Year 2020 spending increase by slip sliding these millions of  spending into its own separate set of off the books bookkeeping.

“Follow the money”
An image

Without going into the inside baseball accounting issues of this arguable scam, this is not the first time Team Joch has endeavored to slip millions off of its actual annual spending increases.

For example, in Fiscal 2018 a comparable case of also unacknowledged accounting legerdemain by La Kocha Nostra pushed a couple of million in city employees’ pension fund shortfall payments out of the main budget and onto the separately accounted books of the Quincy Housing Authority and the now bleeding red ink like a stuck pig Quincy College.

Drink the Kook AId, drink the Kool Aid …
A Facebook photo

In turn, this bit of prestidigitation made Mayor Koch’s FY 2018 spending increase disingenuously appear to be a couple of million less than it actually was.

But then again, such is part and parcel to Koch and mirrors, if not also arguably pathological proclivities.

That and how Charles Ponzi is surely looking up and wondered why he ended serving time.

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