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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Irrational exuberance yet again hit the fan at City Hall?

While Quincy Quarry has extended its Memorial Day weekend holiday as well as raised more than few while watching what is looking to perhaps be an epic Stanley Cup finals series for the Boston Bruins, the Quarry team pulled its eyes away from the flat screen long enough to see that the South Shore broadsheet ran a feature on the latest round of small town boosterism spewing out of Quincy’s City Hall.

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The latest puff piece addresses how city officials are planning to do all they can do to see the United States Census Bureau set its decennial 2020 census of Quincy at somewhere north of 100,000 residents.

The motivation for all this hot talk goes beyond mere election year spin.

In fact, well beyond it.

For example, going over 100,000 would move Quincy out of the ranks of small cities and into the lower rungs of midsize cities.

It falls from the skies!!!!
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Also, going north of a hundred large opens the door for new grant funding sources.

The Quarry, however, is inclined to side with a local gadfly’s surprisingly cogent for a change comments posted to the broadsheet’s coverage on how yet again the Koch Maladministration has shown itself incapable of dealing with even but merely moderately complicating factors.

After all, digging up votes in Mt. Wollaton’s Ward 7 on election day is one thing, but only the Census Bureau determines the final census count.

City workers getting out the vote, one coffin at a time
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Plus, the City of Quincy isn’t exactly on good terms with the feds these days.

Drink the Kool Aid, drink the Kool Aid
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In any event, Quincy’s emperor continues to believe his own bovine byproduct.

That or at least believe that if if he keeps shoveling it, enough people will swallow it.

On the other hand, with it sure to relatively soon be exposed that the Koch Maladministration is trying to move $5.4 million in spending off of its proposed FY2020 city budget and so camouflage the fact that its proposed spending increase is actually a handful of million more, one can only reasonably assume that you know what is going to hit the fan.

As such, keep your raincoats and umbrellas close as well as your checkbooks even closer.

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