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Has the Beachcomber yet again hit the rocks?

The long closed water hole and legendary live music venue on Quincy Shore Drive adjacent to Wollaston Beach appears to again be for sale courtesy of a smartphone photo from one of Quincy Quarry’s more prolific Citizen Photojournalists.

Given the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Quincy Quarry was unable to reach out to the apparent listing broker for comment.

Same scammer, many aliases
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In any event, after the Beachcomber’s longtime owner sold the property in 2015, the buyer turned out to be a scammer who was eventually was busted by federal authorities for this as well as previous scams.

When the dust settled, a new group bought the property a year ago and then actively proceeded to propose redeveloping the site with a new combined dining and residential project.

Amazingly for a change when it comes to redevelopment proposes in Quincy in recent years however, these property owners faced nothing but trouble moving forward with their plans and now appear to be bailing out the Q.

Then again, it is surely but a coincident that Asian developers appear to face considerable difficulties securing project approvals in Quincy.

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