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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Do You Think You’re Sexy?

In news which left everyone at Quincy Quarry gobsmacked, an online poll found Boston’s accent the second sexist regional accent in the United States after the drawl of Texans.

Equally hard to fathom was how New Yorkers’ accent was seen as the third sexist accent, win over New York notwithstanding.

And the final straw to as regards this poll’s veracity was that the Philly accent was ranked as the eighth sexiest accent.

In any event, some of the Greater Boston area’s widely known to be rabid sports fanatics have yet again run amok.

Celebrating a win the right way
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In this latest outburst shortly after last Thursday’s playoff series opening game victory by Bruins in the Eastern Conference National Hockey League finals, a posse of hockey goons pounded on an apparently random victim at the MBTA’s North Quincy Red Line station while the goons were heading home after the game.

All things considered, only two things were of surprise.

One is that none of the alleged perps have any obvious Quincy ties.

A Tranny responding to the scene!
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And the other is how the perps were quickly identified and then four of five of them were apparently so shamed into surrendering to authorities before they might have instead been roughed and cuffed.

At this point, however, it is unknown how long it will be before MBTA Transit Police will be bringing in the fifth person as a person of at least some interest for at least a little good cop/bad cop.

Also unknown is if beer sales will be halted after the second period intermission during tonight’s potential series closeout game on the ice inside of the TD Garden.

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In the meanwhile, Transit Police deserve kudos for quick action, especially in comparison to the still open three and a half month investigation of last January’s fatal Squantum sucker punching in spite of the fact that the Quincy Police Department have all manner of ties to the widely rumored to be sucker puncher.

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