Yesterday we asked for the assistance of turtle riders to help identify the 5 suspects the MBTA were looking for in connection with a vicious beating in North Quincy after last Thursday night’s playoff victory …

All the dirt and nothing but dirt …
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– News about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

North Quincy Red LIne station hockey goons outed by Turtleboy Sports.

Yet again, Quincy Quarry’s media brethren at Turtleboy Sports have broken important news.  In this instance, it was about the latest instance of untoward violence with ties to Quincy.

While in this instance not a third rate romance and no rent rendezvous inside of Town Hall as was scooped by Turtleboy last year, this latest instance of unacceptable misbehavior was also caught on surveillance cameras and so assisted Turtleboy’s investigative journalism..

Turtleboy posted MBTA surveillance camera images of the alleged perps and asked its readers if they recognized these purported sucker punchers who are alleged to have beaten someone at the North Quincy Red Line station shortly after the Boston Bruins’ playoff victory over the Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday.

Turtleboy’s readers quickly responded and Turtleboy was so able to quickly detail and then publish particulars about the alleged sucker punchers.

Quincy District Courthouse media circus expected
Image via The Law Offices of Russell J. Matson

In turn, four of the suspected punchers subsequently soon thereafter surrendered to police, were then arrested, and are now expected to be arraigned sometime today at the Quincy District Courthouse.

At last report, however, a fifth person of at least interest has apparently not yet come forward or otherwise at least been questioned by the MBTA Transit Police or any other law enforcement official.

MBTA Transit Police in hot pursuit
A YouTube still image

While police were closed mouthed as regards the arrests, much less offering up any comment on Turtleboy’s possible role in facilitating same by publicly naming the alleged perps, Quincy Quarry still must commend the MBTA Transit Police for their role in quickly seeing this criminal matter quickly result in arrests, unlike the now three and a half months long and still open investigation of the fatal Squantum sucker punching.

Quincy Quarry is shocked, shocked …
A Warner Brothers masterpiece

Then again, the widely assumed to be Squantum sucker puncher has all manner of family and friends with ties to the Quincy Police Department and which originally had jurisdiction for the investigation until it was behooved to recuse itself from the Squantum homicide investigation whereas the hockey goons are most unexpectedly neither Quincy residents nor possessed of any obvious ties to the Q.

Source: We Have Identified The 5 Suspects MBTA Police Are Looking For After Brutal Beating In North Quincy

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