THE MBTA ESTIMATED on Monday that it would cost $10.1 billion to fully modernize its assets, a projection that may influence the debate on Beacon Hill over whether the agency needs additional revenue. The T has long used a figure of $7.3 billion to estimate the amount of money needed to bring the system into(…)

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

MBTA puts modernization cost at $10.1 billion, up from $7.3 billion.

The increase arose during further review so as to better discern what all is needed to renovate current operations instead of the all too common cost inflation on public construction projects.

At least that is what state transportation officials are claiming.

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The revised total cost also does not include any new rail projects other than those projects already announced as opposed to those currently still under but discussion such as building a heavy rail connection between the North and South Stations or extending the Blue Line to Massachusetts General Hospital.

In any event, the $10.1 billion plan is currently expected to take until 2032 to complete.

Funding is said to be in place for roughly five years of the currently thirteen year plan and various officials are thus already lobbying to line up follow on funding so as to endeavor to effect an orderly completion of the plan.

To date, however, the MBTA has fallen a bit short in its hitting annual renovation spending schedule.

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Then again, adhering to schedule is not a prime MBTA goal.

The reason for the annual spending shortfalls is that senior transpiration officials are opting to do what is realistically possible to accomplish in sound fashion rather than press to spend all available funding.  Fortunately, not only are funds actually spent are thus effectively spent, the annual spending shortfall is only running in the roughly five percent range of the total funds available annually.


The MBTA takes a sick day …
An MBTA excuse generator excuse


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A key problem is that there is only so much technical talent, new rolling stock manufacturing capability, skilled construction workers and the like available to make things happen.

Fortunately, it would appear that senior state transportation officials are at least basically cognizant of the sorts of issues which have long hampered the renovation of New York City’s regional Metropolitan Transportation Authority and which is well-addressed here.

In any event, Charlie will have continue ride the T at his own risk.

Source: T puts modernization cost at $10.1b – CommonWealth Magazine

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