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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Free City Hall VIP parking returns!

Actually, it is not so much a return of free parking as free parking was provided elsewhere at most likely the MBTA’s expense as it is a return to providing more convenient free parking adjacent to Quincy’s City Hall.

VIP City ride parking spaces hog
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In any event, nothing is too good for most likely more like mid-level hack hires.

That and so what if taxpayers cannot readily find convenient parking – even if they are willing to pay for it – whenever they have to conduct business at City Hall.

Then again, aren’t we all too used to entities seeking our money hiding behind an automated and thus all but human-less – if not also inhumane – online payment receipt platforms?

See Spot, see Spot spend …
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And speaking of inhumane, our peerless mayor rolled out his Fiscal Year 2020 budget earlier this week.

The impending spending increase is yet again running twice the rate inflation as well as is likely to continue to do so for years to come for a variety of reasons.

The reasons include those self-serving, variously profligate or otherwise ill-advised.

Granted, yet again following the money is not easy as Team Koch yet again went to surely extra trouble as well as considerable lengths so as to not provide any actual past years’ spendings.  After all, such could exposé how the mayor has long stuffed the budget with lard so as to fund his various porky ways via creative bookkeeping.

Quincy Quarry follows the money
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Even so, the gimlet-eyed bean counters at Quincy Quarry can say that roughly half of the proposed budget is set at amounts essentially spot on.

After all, the School Department runs a tight shop, the annual payments towards endeavoring to duly fund the City of Quincy’s woefully underfunded employee pension fund have been mandated by the state’s Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission until 2037 and City’s annual debt service is readily known for at least the upcoming fiscal year.

Money to burn, burn rate – whatever
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On the other hand, however, much of the other half of the budget is koched-up with fat budget line items so as to pump up year-end so-called Free Cash to around a handful of millions – but probably even more millions – so he can yet again do a little Christmas time pork barrel spending as well as engage in arguable legerdemain as regards 2020 local property tax bills.

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