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KKatie’s Burger Bar closes in Quincy.

While Quincy Quarry’s food critic felt that Kkatie’s culinary focus on burgers along with offering adult libations were spot on for Quincy’s demographics, this slow food burger joint has long been long been the odds on favorite among the rest of Quincy Quarry’s staff to be the first new restaurant on or at least close to Quincy Center’s much-hyped Restaurant Row dining scene to fold.

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Even so, one still has to wonder why a better burger joint with a full pour liquor license with locations in Hyannis, Marshifield and Plymouth couldn’t cut the mustard in the Q.

Reasons why probably include how many locals are cheap and Five Guys is cheaper even if it does not offer adult libations.  Then again, nips are also cheaper.

And for another theory, perhaps Kkatie’s finally had to start paying rent after running through the widely suspected months of free rent that came its way care of signing a long-term lease agreement before it was able to develop a sufficient loyal following.

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