He’s fibbing so fast that space-time is beginning to bend around him

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News.

President Donald Trump has managed to tell ten thousand lies since taking office.

At least so reports Esquire Magazine as regards the work of the fact-checkers working for the Washington Post’s Fact Checker column.

Conversely, it must be noted that Quincy Quarry is only covering this coverage as opposed to offering up any statement as to the veracity of this presidential milestone of a sort.

Big Macs, Whoopers, whatever …
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In any event, according to the Washington Post’s presumably exhausted fact-checkers, President Trump blew past ten thousand whoopers last week.

In turn, such works out to foisting an average of a bit over twelve canards a day over the first 827 days of his presidency.

At the same time, the Washington Post’s Fact Checker crew found that it was only last May that Trump passed the three thousand mark after just a bit more than a year and several months if office.

Four of a kind, the Fact Checker’s highest rating for false statements
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But then President Trump apparently upped his game as the Fact Checker’s peeps allege that only took him 601 days of his presidency to push past five thousand lies and then even further more by further upping his game to a point well past even the Golden State Warriors’ raining down three’s.

And Trump’s latest tear scored another five thousand purported lies in just his most recent 226 days in office, an average of 23 lies a day.

Publicly recorded ones, that is.

Source: Congratulations! Donald Trump Has Managed To Tell 10,000 Lies Since Taking Office

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